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I'm always working on something! Besides the occasional short story, here are my main projects right now (be warned: I am so bad at this blurb thing):

Title: AWAKEN (book one in the EYES OPEN series)
Status: Currently editing!
Cassandra is just so done with high school (literally), her family (nearly), and everyone from her past. She's ready to move on and leave, because how else is she supposed to just forget it all? But the past isn't finished with her yet, and it keeps popping up...along with a mysterious girl named Rose. Rose, who claims to be from another world. Rose, who claims to be a princess who pricked her finger on a spinning wheel and now here she is. Rose, who Cassandra forgets instantaneously. Rose, who her godmother seems to know way too much about. 

Title: DEFENSE (working title)
Status: Outlining/Researching
Posting blurb soon! It's the story of the daughter of a defense attorney who defends high-profile criminals. 

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