Tuesday, March 24, 2015

An old friend and a new blog!

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About a month (or less) after I moved two years ago, I attended a Steubenville Youth Conference with my new parish.

I remember walking with this girl named Anna and two or three other girls and having a lively conversation about the Harry Potter series. About two minutes into the conversation, I discovered that Anna also had a great appreciation (if not infatuation) of the character of Severus Snape.


We continued to gush over the incredible writing skills of J.K. Rowling and her character development. Soon, we were walking behind the rest of our "posse" and delving deep into the Theological themes of Harry Potter. This girl was seriously hard-core best friend material.

I was sure that it couldn't get any better than that. We both cared deeply about our faith and our personal relationships with Jesus Christ and loved Harry Potter. That's basically what I look for in my friends.
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She loves me! Even though I'm weird!


After barely scratching the surface with this Harry Potter stuff, I found out that Anna also loved writing. LIKE WHAT HOW PERFECT CAN YOU BE!?

Two years later...I sit writing this post while texting this absolutely amazing young woman. She inspires me in so many ways. She has such a beautiful heart and loves deeply and really lives life to the fullest. She is one of the most understanding people ever and is just so much fun to be with!

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Me trying not to laugh and looking constipated.
And no one will ever be as cool as Anna in this picture.
Our friendship is truly a gift. I absolutely love how we can both relate on writing stuff, because that is so important to both of us. My other friends try to be sympathetic when it comes to my writing issues (writer's block, having to kill characters, the works), but let's be honest: we writers often come off sounding quite insane. I'm so blessed to have someone who GETS IT. The nights spent writing, finishing a draft, getting positive feedback from a beta, everything. Anna has been so supportive of every single aspect of my writing journey and I love being a part of hers.

This girl is literally one of my favorite people ever. Check out her absolutely INCREDIBLE writing talent here at her brand new blog, WONDERFUL JOY. Make sure to leave some comment love!

ALSO, check back on April 1st for the first post of the A-Z Challenge! I'll be reflecting on the word "author" and what it means to me. Furthermore, stick around for Anna's guest blog here on AM Station on April 14th!

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Me and my beautiful best friend <3


  1. ANNIE. I seriously love you so much. I'm so blessed to have met someone who loves Jesus, reading, writing, and Harry Potter as much as I do. I knew the minute I'd started talking to you in the book shop at Steub that I had made a life-long best friend :)

  2. I love that your instant pass to friendship is Snape love. He's a fascinating character. And there's nothing more wonderful than having a friend on this writing journey.

    1. Hahaha right?! I could write a book on him. And so true!

  3. Haha...when I met my future husband's family, one of our first topics of conversation was Harry Potter. I think that started things off on a good foot. :)
    Thanks for sharing Anna's blog! I look forward to reading all her posts.

  4. It's amazing when you meet ppl and just click. I'm like that w/two great best friends in real life, and then amazing cp's that I hope to get to meet face to face one day. And HP for the win!