Monday, March 21, 2016

Liebster Award + A to Z Theme Reveal

Happy Monday, friends! I hope the start to your spring is much more relaxing than mine. Senior year, college stuff, and work are far scarier and more demanding than the monsters that lived in my closet in days of yore. Prayers for energy and focus and peace would be much appreciated.

I was recently nominated for the Liebster Award by Abi from over at The Left-Handed Typist. Abi is incredibly sweet, funny, and left handed. Also, she has a very sincere, fresh writing style, so definitely check out her blog. Despite my admiration for the amazing Abi, I have to break the rules a bit by not actually nominating anyone. However, I did come up with questions, so if you want to answer in the comments or on your blog, that would be sweet!

1. What's the story behind your blog's name?
I started AM Station the summer before my freshman year of high school (coming up on four years!). I don't really remember how the name came into play...I remember sitting on my bedroom floor in PA, figuring out the formatting with my (very obliging) cousin. I feel like my dad suggested a name that lead to "AM Station"...or maybe he just flat out suggested it...either way, I guess he gets some credit. Obviously, it's a play off of FM or AM radio, and since my name is Anne works.

2. What is your favorite stage of writing?
Ah, such a great (and hard) question! I love all the stages for different reasons. I'll go with first draft. I love planning and plotting and then finally being able to let the characters and story just come to life.

3. Where/in what conditions do you write the best?
No one can be around. I don't work well when there are people around me because I feel like someone is always staring at me. Doesn't matter if it's in my living room or in a coffee shop, I'm just too distracted. Besides that, there really isn't any other criteria. I usually write in my bedroom, which is bright yellow, at my purple desk right at my window, which overlooks a pretty decent size woods. 

4. What is a country you would like to visit?
England. I love English culture and accents and a decent percent of my blood is English.

5. What is your favorite historical period?
I like too many! I really like the 20s, 40s, and 50s.

6. What is your favorite dessert?
I'm actually somewhat picky about desserts. If I'm going to consume the calories, it's got to be worth it. Dry donuts and cakey brownies are the worst. Also I can't stand overly sugary frosting and cake that isn't moist. Not the biggest crunchy cookie fan either. And don't even get me started on pies...I cannot do pie crust. Apple, fruit, whatever. Blueberry is kind of okay. I would have to say ice-cream is one place where I am rarely disappointed. Except this past summer, my dad kept getting all of this ice-cream from a local ice-cream place that was in their mess-up freezer...kind of tasted like creamy cardboard plastic.

7. What's the furthest you've ever been from home?
Destin, Florida, which is fourteen hours away. We went on vacation there this past November and it was incredible.

8. What is your earliest memory?
Hmm...earliest. I'm just going to tweak it to "early". My first bed was a king size (since then, I downgraded to a double, then a twin, and now I'm back up to a queen) that literally took up the majority of my bedroom. Anyway. I remember very vividly lining up my multitudes of stuffed animals and dolls and telling them stories. Also, the staircase to the attic/playroom was in my bedroom, and I was convinced that Michael Alvin (a bad guy of my imagination) lived up there. As long as I was under my covers with my buddies, though, I was safe.

9. What is your happy place?
My happy place is anywhere in prayer. If I can be in the presence of Jesus...what more could I ask for?

10. If you could pick one author/screenwriter to meet, who would it be?

Jane Austen.

11. What is your favorite book adapted movie/show?
Pride and Prejudice. The BBC version.

Now, for my questions:
1. Favorite ice-cream flavor?
2. Awkward/embarrassing childhood hobby?
3. Crazy dream job (un-writing related)?
4. Fine point or ultra fine point sharpie?
5. Current favorite song?
6. Captain America or Iron Man?
7. Favorite scene in current WIP?
8. Who is Jesus Christ to you?
9. Flip-flops or sneakers in the summer?
10. Write me a poem.
11. Post a picture of a hair cut that you want but would be too scared to ever get.

There you have it!

WAIT! Don't leave yet, there's more!

For the second year in a row, I'm doing the A TO Z CHALLENGE! Which is quite possibly the stupidest thing I've ever done, since I'm already drowning in all sorts of deadlines that have serious implications for my future. Plus I had a great theme idea and I've prayed a lot about it so I am going to do my best to get it done!

(For those unaware, the A to Z is a challenge where bloggers attempted to blog thematically from the letter "a" to "z" every day in April, save Sundays.)

So....theme music. For my theme reveal. The reveal of my theme. My theme's reveal. The reveal which corresponds to my theme.



Well, maybe not everything I've learned...but the biggies. Senior year has brought out so much reflectiveness (not a word, whatever, I didn't learn to spell in high school obviously) in my self, which is saying a lot, because I'm a pretty reflective person. Anyway, I have had a very unique (or at least, I like to think so) high school experience and have been looking for an opportunity to dive into my story.

What will you see if you chose to stick around during April? You'll see the grace of God at work, and all of the tears, heartbreak, laughter, and joy that it brings.

Like I wrote in my last post, we have to tell our stories. We simply have to. God gave them to use for a reason, a long with words and fingers to write. So, dear friends, I hope you'll read my stories...they are my gift to you.

Have a blessed Holy Week.


  1. I loved reading your answers, Anne Marie! You should definitely come to England :). Just make sure to bring an umbrella. Loving the sound of your theme - kinda wish I'd done something more interesting now :D!. Good luck with the challenge :)!

    1. Rachel, you're the sweetest. And it's been far too long since I've happened upon your blog, heading there now. Ooooh yes, England! I'll come visit you!

  2. Yay! Your answers were so fun!! Especially the memory one, haha! And the blog name one. Very cool. And thanks for all the nice things you said about me :D I've never heard of an A-Z Challenge, but it sounds very awesome! I'll have to give a shot . . . maybe over the summer. You're theme is awesome, so I will definitely check it out.

    Just because they're AWESOME, I'll answer your questions right here :)

    1. Favorite ice-cream flavor? Homemade Vanilla or Cookies 'N' Cream.
    2. Awkward/embarrassing childhood hobby? Hm. I would see how close I could get my hand to candle flame and tried it with toilet paper once (bad idea!). Does that count?
    3. Crazy dream job (un-writing related)? I want to say a movie actress. I think I'd love everything except memorizing lines :P
    4. Fine point or ultra fine point sharpie? Ultra-fine in black, blue, and red
    5. Current favorite song? Pure Imagination sung by Josh Groban or Jackie Evancho
    6. Captain America or Iron Man? Captain America!!!
    7. Favorite scene in current WIP? Ooh. all my favs have to do with medical emergencies ;)
    8. Who is Jesus Christ to you? Savior and friend.
    9. Flip-flops or sneakers in the summer? Flip flops.
    10. Write me a poem. No thank you ;)
    11. Post a picture of a hair cut that you want but would be too scared to ever get. A bob. My hair's too thick and poofy ;)

    Ta-da! Good luck with your challenge and have a lovely Resurrection Sunday!

    1. YOUR answers are so fun! And oh my goodness, dear, they're all true (the nice things). Yes, do A-Z! Unfortunately, it's only an April thing, but if you can't do it next month, plan for next year.

      Captain America for the win! And flip-flops. Also, sophomore year, I got a bob...and it was really cute to everyone else, but to me, the girl had totally messed up and it was uneven in all these places and took FOREVER to grow out. I was still suffering from the consequences up until this past November (almost two years later). Also my hair got lit on fire when I was blowing out candles on my sixth birthday.

      AND I want to see that poem!

    2. Ah, I see. Yeah, I'll probably have to shoot for next year :)

      Yeah, I had a bob twice when I was little. Everyone loved it, but my face isn't as angular as it used to be and now my hair is thick, fuzzy, and wavy. It was straight stick and thin last go round ;) Oh my goodness! I've thankfully never set my hair on fire D:

      BUT I CAN'T WRITE POEMS ON COMMAND!! So here's one from 9/10/11, my most recent masterpiece :P

      My One Hundred Birdies

      One hundred birdies in a tree,
      But how to draw them all for me?
      The helpful camera I now must find,
      To keep them fresh upon my mind.

      Quick, grab a pencil and a blank, white page,
      To keep these birdies through the age.
      When people look at my drawing, they'll see
      My one hundred birdies in their tree.

      Later tonight when I go to bed,
      My one hundred birdies will be in my head,
      And give me dreams throughout the night
      Of one hundred birdies all in flight.

      Ta. Da.

  3. Great answers and congrats on the award!

    Your theme sounds like fun! I look forward to your posts ~Lori~

    Lori @ As the Fates Would Have It
    Lori @ Promptly Written

    1. Awh, thanks, Lori, looking forward to having you around!

  4. It's been awhile since I've visited your blog; it's due to the amount of demanded attention my school life has asked of me. Haha, I also write in my room, and it's also a bright yellow (it's not even in a pretty shade)!

    I like answering questions, so I'll answer the ones you gave:

    1. Favorite ice-cream flavor?
    Everyone thinks it's weird eating green ice cream, but mint chip is my go-to flavor, hands down.

    2. Awkward/embarrassing childhood hobby?
    Definitely the day that I first met my soon-to-be best friends in fifth grade. It's much funnier if I write in a form of writing, but what happened was this: one of my friends (we'll call him Dr. Banana) asked, "Is Michael Jackson an actor?" I said no, but the girl I sat next to-- she'll be nicknamed Windy-- disagreed. We two girls bickered, while Dr. Banana said, "No, I just really want to know that one fact." Soon, the three of us started arguing each other, our loud whisper shouting being the only thing audible in the room. Finally, the fourth and final table member, Ninja, spoke up. "Guys." We all stopped to look at him, this being the first time he interjected into the conversation. Very quietly, he says, "Michael Jackson died on my birthday." Then we shut up. When we look back at it now, we view it to be an extremely hilarious first time meeting, but back then, all of us just felt extremely awkward and didn't talk to each other for the rest of the day. XD

    3. Crazy dream job (un-writing related)?
    Broadway actress or a National Geographic photographer! Ahhh! :D

    4. Fine point or ultra fine point sharpie?
    Ultra fine point sharpie. Go big, or go home, especially when it comes to the fineness factor.

    5. Current favorite song?
    It's between "We Are Now" by Shake Shake Go, "Be More Barrio" by Sheppard, and "No Matter Where You Are" by Us the Duo. They bring the good (soon to be here) summer vibes! Besides, I like listening to indie.

    6. Captain America or Iron Man?
    Captain America. I feel bad for Iron Man, though, because no one seems to vote for him. :(

    7. Favorite scene in current WIP?
    One of my protagonists talks to her friend's deceased parents who has gone estranged with them.

    8. Who is Jesus Christ to you?
    God's son who I should probably talk to everyday via prayer, because I don't have a close relationship with Him, like many other fortunate bloggers.

    9. Flip-flops or sneakers in the summer?
    Flip-flops, even though they make me shorter.

    10. Write me a poem.
    I can't write a poem on demand, but my most recent post was a poem, so does that count?

    11. Post a picture of a hair cut that you want but would be too scared to ever get.

    I can't wait to see what you come up with in the A to Z challenge! :)

    xoxo Morning

    1. Thanks for the answers, Morning! I LOVE US THE DUO!! So amazing. Also, I feel like a lot of guys vote for Iron Man (at least when it comes to my friends), so don't spend too much of your pity there. Additionally, a close relationship with Jesus is something that He WANTS you to have, totally yours for the taking! I encourage you to commit to spending at least ten minutes in prayer every day. Peace!

  5. I love England too, and pie of all kinds. I have a really big sweet tooth, so I like most sweets :D

  6. Oh, I'm the same when it comes to writing - it's best when no one's around. Early in the morning, or late at night tend to work best. :)

    Wow, good on you for doing the A to Z challenge! I'm really looking forward to reading all your reflections - I can already tell they'll be good.

    Keep allowing God to shine through you, Anne Marie - you're a huge encouragement and blessing to me. May God bless you! xx :)

    1. JESSICA, thanks for this huge smile you've put on my face. Looking forward to having you around and encouraging me for the challenge!