Friday, June 3, 2016

Pacifism: A Loving Response

Hello, fellow readers of AM Station! My name is John Paul and, because it is against my nature to reject my wonderful sister, I will be writing the posts on this blog over the summer as my sister follows the will of the Lord at CYSC (Catholic Youth Summer Camp). Please continue to keep her in your prayers!

So, a bit about me.

Most importantly, I am Annie's favorite brother. Okay, that is probably a lie, but one can dream, right? I just finished my freshman year of high school at the school of home, so I'm looking forward (that's another lie) to my sophomore year! I am obsessed with Christian rap (yes, that is a thing) #hype #fire #romans116 #unashamed #onmy116 #HomeschoolerUsingHashtags.
My friends (yes I have friends, thank you) and I call it CRap :). My favorite artist is probably Lecrae, but my favorite non-Christian artist is probably Echosmith. I play the drums, I love to read (mostly philosophy and theology: I'm kinda strange if you haven't noticed), play sports (basketball all the way), and most of all adore my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. There you go. A small snippet into the life of Anne Marie's brother.

Recently, I have grown hugely disappointed in our world, our country, our culture, and even my friends. I am sickened by our pacifistic attitudes. Before I go further into this, know that even I become pacifistic at times. I'm uncomfortable with the uncomfortable, so I choose what is comfortable for me. I become selfish even though someone needs to be challenged.

But what does it mean to be pacifistic? It, in itself, is fine. It means to be against war and violence. But when one applies this attitude towards something that is inherently wrong, and chooses to not challenge what is wrong because of not wanting to "hurt someone's feelings" or because "it's not nice to challenge someone" we fall into many issues. Imagine if the Allies were pacifistic towards Hitler during World War II? After all, it isn't "nice" to challenge someone. Or maybe if someone was physically or emotionally bullying someone who could not defend his/herself, isn't it "rude" to hurt the bully's feelings? Taking this even further, what about when someone sins (although the past examples are sin)? Sin is defined as "separation from God," making it very serious. Even the slightest sin should be challenged. But all of these are to be challenged with love because it is love that roots out sin.

Many would take love as to "not hurt someone's feelings." How I define love is "dying to oneself for the good of another." This is what true love is. It's unselfish, for as soon as it becomes selfish it becomes lust: the opposite of true love. Many times when I challenge someone, a friend will always tell me that I'm "not being nice" and that I'm "not being loving". I always respond that "love isn't always nice. And if I did not love them, I wouldn't even care to challenge them." I dislike challenging people (and by people, I am referring to actions, not them in themselves). But this is where I apply the definition of love I gave before. I die to myself by challenging another so that they can grow as sons and daughters of God. The majority of us have probably experienced growing pains: growing hurts! This is why many reject a challenge (including myself). It hurts to grow as people. It's uncomfortable for the one giving the challenge and uncomfortable for one to receive the challenge. Our culture is so oriented towards what is comfortable. To what is pleasurable. To what "feels good" in an instantaneous moment.

This video was made by the Family Policy Institute of Washington. If for some reason the video doesn't work in the blog format, here is the link:
It is a social experiment on identity and challenging another person.

My challenge for all who read this is to not be afraid to challenge someone who is doing something wrong. Whether it be gossiping, pride, selfishness, immodesty, impurity, etc. And be open to their challenges for you! This is how the world is changed! This is how the world become a better, more loving place! Pray for these people! Hold fast to God, and let your strength come from Him! As Alexander Hamilton said: "Those who stand for nothing fall for anything."

God bless you all and know that I will pray for each one of you! Please please please keep me in your prayers!



  1. YES YES YES YOU GO FAV BRO!!!! Amen a thousand times. How are you such an amazing writer?!

  2. Great post, nice way to end with a Hamilton quote!

  3. Agreed. Being in uncomfortable situations can be scary, but it's where we grow most!

  4. John Paul, this is very well written. You probably don't know me but years ago I knew you when I was doing youth ministry with your dad and you were very young. Jesus told us how to handle these type of situations: “If your brother sins, go and tell him his fault between you and him alone. If he listens to you, you have won over your brother. If he does not listen, take one or two others along with you, so that ‘every fact may be established on the testimony of two or three witnesses. If he refuses to listen to them, tell the church. If he refuses to listen even to the church, then treat him as you would a Gentile or a tax collector." Mt 18:15-17 If he is not a believer there is no reason to take him to the church of course. Also, if you are challenged in front of others you need to defend the faith. Continue to lean on the Holy Spirit (I can see the Spirits work in this posting.) God Bless you and your evangelistic spirit.