Thursday, September 20, 2012

I'm really not dead!

       Ok, so, whenever I'd hear the phrase "surving high school," I'd always think people were joking.

       The last four weeks have taught me that that is so not a joke.

        I owe you, dear readers, an apology. It has been weeks since I last blogged and I assure you, I haven't forgotten. It has just been ever so crazy-- trying to finish homework, sort out drama with both girls and teachers, finding time to just be with my family, and then writing my novel, and reading, and add trying to blog and I'm dead tired. However, I feel like I'm settling into the rhythm of things a little more, and I'm really excited about some blog posts I've been working on.

        Within the next week or two:
  1. Gayle Forman's If I Stay and Where I Went, and how it inspired me.
  2. How dementors and high school girls are alike. . .and how chocolate can fix the way both make you feel.
  3. Pre-NaNoWriMo doubts.
  4. Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys.
  5. Music, and how it influnces my writing. . .plus, a new project I'm working on.

        . . .AND I have a three day weekend! Woohoo! Haha, I'm expirencing something I never got as a homeschoolee-- teacher inservices=)

        But, just so you all know, I am not dead, I'm very much alive and writing! High school hasn't killed me. . .yet. . .=)


  1. Oh, sweetie, you must be tired! I have to point out your tiredness is affecting your spelling... "rythem of things", I must ask? :)

    Get some rest and don't forget that even high-schoolers can have fun in the midst of the craziness! And chocolate always helps!

    It's nice to see the blog!

  2. <3 the blog Annie! I saw your post in my inbox today and it made me smile. Keep bloggin' little lady. Can't wait for more insights into high school and life in general. Keep rockin' the sombrero ;) and know that you are loved! +Kempy

  3. Thanks, Kempy! Love right back at you=)
    . . .you know, one of these days I really am going to buy a sombrero and wear it to school. . .think she'd give me all "A"s if I claimed to be you-know-who?

  4. Hang in there, Annie. And keep up the chocolate if needed. :)

  5. If I don't, I'm sure Aunt Mel will remind me. . . .=)