Sunday, September 2, 2012

Tagged, I'm It!

Faith Hough tagged me for the Eleven Questions game! I am supposed to write eleven random things about myself, then answer eleven questions that  she posted on her blog. Finally, I'm going to post my tagee and my questions for him or her! 
On your mark. . .get set. . .go!

Eleven Extremely Random Things About Anne Marie Schlueter!

1.)  I was homeschooled for six years.

2.) I have a card making/scrapbooking obsession.

3.) My favorite Bath and Body Works scent is "Be Enchanted."

4.) When I was two or three, my cousin attempted to carry me down the stairs while wearing a long evening dress-up gown and high heels. . . I ended up in the emergency room that night with  concussion.

5.) My favorite Disney princess movie is Tangled. Flynn Rider!

6.) I work at a purple desk with a doll house shelf sitting on top of it, containing books and notebooks.

7.) I do not like Justin Bieber. At all
 . . . well, apparently, he's very pro-life, so I suppose I admire that about him.

8.) For those of you who have read The Help, my favorite chapter is "The Benefit."

9.) My favorite Harry Potter book is Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

10.) I watch BBC's Pride and Prejudice every St. Valentine's Day.

11.) I really enjoy photography.

Faith's questions for me. . . 

1) What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Oh, so very tough. Probably my dad’s homemade vanilla. I also adore cookies n’ creme, being the Oreo fan that I am.

2) What book do you wish you were a character in?
Definitely Harry Potter.

3) White, dark, or milk chocolate?
Up until recently, it was a toss up between dark and milk, but now I will typically only eat
milk chocolate.

4) Would you rather be a coal miner or a skyscraper window washer?
I would probably be a window washer. I think I am kind of claustrophobic.

5) If you were an American in the late 1700’s, which side would you have taken in the Revolution?
I don’t always like change. I like to think I am ready for it, but I’m usually not. I bet I would I have started out a Loyalist, but then toward the beginning-middle became a Patriot.

6) What writing tool would it be hard for you to live without?
Hmmmm. . . .now, probably my music. And I hate that, because I used to be able to
write without music, but now I usually can’t write without it. I think it may be because it helps me concentrate when the noises of my family reach my ears.

7) What song best describes you or the way you see the world?
Probably “Keep Your Eyes Open” by Needtobreathe. Currently. It switches often.

8) What’s your favorite first sentence from a book?
"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” (Charles Dickens, Tale of Two Cities)
It’s old, it’s overused, but I so wish I had come up with it.

9) If you could get on a plane for a month long vacation tomorrow, where would you go? London, England. Or pretty much anywhere in England. Ever since 7th grade when I did a research paper on Princess Diana, I have been fascinated by their culture and government.

10) Do you outline your stories?
Sometimes. Usually, I start my story, write a page or so, then outline.

11) Would you rather live in a palace by the sea or a cottage in the woods 
Definitely a palace by the sea. Even though I really do not like going to the beach, I would love to live by my own private water source. Oh, the inspirations for writing. . . 

And I tag Clare Marie! (Please don't feel like you have to play)
My questions for you. . . .

1.) Bach or Beethoven?
2.) What was the first thing you've ever written? Or something you wrote when you were young?
3.) Roses or Violets?
4.) Young Adult books or Adult?
5.) Who is your favorite bad guy?
6.) Where do you typically write?
7.) MP3 player, iPod, or just internet music?
8.) Black or blue pen?
9.) Google Docs or Microsoft Word?
10.) Which season do you find the most inspirtional for writing?
11.) What is the most common word in your vocabulary? 


  1. So much fun to read this, Annie! Now I want some of your dad's homemade ice cream, though. :)

    1. Oh, though I'm always still a Wagner, I haven't called myself one for six years. ;)

  2. So sorry about that! Thank you for pointing that out! Very funny because I think of you as Faith Hough-- wonder where that came from! Oh,and you are welcome to have my dad's ice-cream anytime!! Haha, good excuse for you to visit!