Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Beach Night

Sunday night, my dad took my siblings and I to the beach around sunset. It was so beautiful-- God truly gave us a beautiful earth. . . and me, a beautiful family.
AND. . . NaNoWriMo update! It is going really well, I think! I'm really liking my story (excerpts soon!). I am behind though, so please say a prayer for me!
Good luck and blessings to my wonderful fellow writers as we reach our mid-mark for the month!


  1. It's nice to see other Christian (I'm guessing that you're Christian and not Mormon or Jewish, although I mean no offense if you are) teen writers.

    I haven't added a single word to my NaNo manuscript in a week...I'll be sure to pray for both of us.

    1. Yes, I am Christian=) I agree-- it is really cool to meet writers that share your beliefs. God bless you during this crazy adventure. . .