Friday, November 2, 2012


November 1st, 2012. (As of yesterday, when this was written=))

Wow. It's seriously November. 366 days (leap year!) have passed since the last November. Where has the time gone?!

With November comes All Saints' Day, All Souls' Day, End of 1st Quarter, Veterns' Day, Thanksgiving (along with my annual trip to Columbus, Ohio), as well as. . .*drum roll please*. . .NATIONAL NOVEL WRITING MONTH!!!!

Wow. WOW. It's already November. It's already time to write 50,000 words. It's already November 1st and I'm already freaking out . . . yay . . . it's going to be a looooong month. . .

But, honestly, I'm extremely excited=) I have ideas for my novel flooding my brain and I just can't write fast enough! I wasn't sure that I'd have time this year to do Nano, with school and all, but how could I not?! The opportunity to finish another draft of my novel isn't something I can easily pass up.

For those of you who are doing Nano, my young writers username is schluetera656 and my regular website username is sisofsix.

Good luck to my fellow writers during this crazy month! I'll try to post updates once a week, but we'll see how that goes=)


  1. Good luck to you as well. If you're ever despairing about being behind, I can guarantee you're ahead of me. Two days in and I'm at 282 words...

    1. Thank you, Patrick! Just remember, it's only the beginning. . .so much happens in this crazy, magical month=)

  2. I am at 6,700 right now...alas, I cannot find you on NaNoWriMo, Anne Marie! Maybe you can find username is Bubbles :) OR, you can look of Leprechaun Holiday and my story will show up (I searched it to double-check). SO EXCITING!

  3. man, nothing terrifies me more than the thought of NANO. Eek! but I'm always impressed with those who take on that challenge -- good luck!!!!!!!