Friday, July 12, 2013

I don't know about you, but I'm on CHAPTER TWENTY-TWO

I promise I have not been ignoring my blog! Well, at least, I have not been intentionally ignoring the blogging world. But I have disappeared for over two months. And I give you my most sincere apologies.

But I do have excuses! Legit ones. Because an apology isn't an apology without excuses, right?

Excuse Number One: We are FINALLY in Toledo!!!!! We moved in May 13th and I LOVE my house. It's taken a lot though to unpack and get settled. I have my own room *squeal!* which is awesome.

After months and months and months and months of waiting. . .I honestly cannot believe we are here. It has been so incredible, though. Sure, there has been heartache and homesickness, but God is truly working through all that. He has affirmed time and time again that what He calls us to, He will provide for. I'm so amazed by all He is doing in my life.

Excuse Number Two: My book! Which now has a title! AWAKEN! I am so crazy in love with my characters and the story and everything (feelings that only a writer could understand, right?). But this has seriously consumed all my time. It's actually quite a mess right now and would not be quite as beautiful to you as it is to me, so I'll wait until I do my edits to post an excerpt.

Anyway, I'm on Chapter Twenty-Two (as you might have guessed) and AWAKEN has just reaffirmed my belief that writing is the best job ever. Writing is like an emotional tidal wave-- I'm so happy about my characters one minute and I am so angry with them the next. One moment I can't write fast enough and then a half hour later, I'm forcing myself to keep pushing the keys on the keyboard. It's exhilarating and tiring and leaves me breathless and amazed at the beauty and power of words. It keeps me up late at night thinking about my characters and distracts me from whatever I should be doing at times.

But it's always so worth it.

So, my dear friends, thank you for your patience. Now that things are more settled, I'll be doing my best to write more. How many times have I said that?! Oh, well, life goes on. Honestly, once I get myself to sit down and blog, it really doesn't take that much time. I just have to remember that, I guess=)

And, as always, feel free to check out what I've been reading on Goodreads:

Anyway. . .what have you guys been up to? Any exciting writing projects? I'd love to hear about it!


  1. Moving is so hard! Good luck getting back into the swing of things!

    I'm SOOOOOOOO close to closing out my rough draft of a novel that's what you'd get if you put Captain Jack Sparrow in a blender with Avatar: The Last Air Bender and hit frappe. I'm super excited for it, but I know I need some space.

    And writing is the most incredible job I can imagine!

    1. Thanks, Rena! Oh wow that sounds so creative. I bet that's fun to write=) Good luck finishing!!

  2. I think (hope!) every blogger understands that actual writing is much more important than blogging about writing. :) And life trumps all.
    So excited about your progress on the book, and I love the name! I'm neck-deep in revising my revision of my WIP. But the end of the tunnel is in sight. I just need to figure out which project to work on next...

    1. Oh, isn't that the truth though!! Life certainly does trump all=) Good luck deciding on a project-- sometimes that can be the toughest part of the project!

  3. I finally slapped myself in the face a few days ago and got back to work on a fantasy novelette/longer short story I put on hold last summer. Truthfully, I only stopped because I hit a hard part, which is a terrible reason. While the scene didn't end up spectacular, I managed to sow an important seed of plot without too much unnecessary dialogue. Now I'm on to more exciting events. Hopefully I can get myself to finish it soon. Then revisions. Then a manhunt for a magazine/journal that actually publishes YA fantasy novelettes...I think I'll start now...

    But before that, best of luck wrapping up your novel and likewise adjusting to your new surroundings. I haven't moved since I was five-years-old, before I started Kindergarten, so I can't offer any sort of advice.

    1. Good for you! I can totally relate to that-- hitting a hard part and letting it stop you. You just have to plow through it, right?=)