Friday, May 8, 2015

Feature Friday! One Life: Guest Post by Nicole

SO excited to be featuring Nicole this Friday, who is actually my newest critique partner! Nicole is an eighteen year old writer from over at Carpe Veritatem. If you like what you read here (which of course you will, because Nikki is utterly fabulous), be sure to hop on over to her blog and give her a follow!

Why do we try to rush everything in life? 

When I was five, I couldn’t wait to be ten. When I was FINALLY ten, all I could think about was turning thirteen. On my thirteenth birthday, I proceeded to tell my mom, “Only three years until I turn sixteen and can drive!!”

Now I’m eighteen, and am freaking out. Adulthood and college are looming in front of me, and I just want time to stop for a bit so that I can figure all of this out. 

Yet, I still find myself rushing things.

“Only 111 days until I move in to college!” “Only two weeks until I’m completely done with school!” “Only five more hours until my shift is over and then I can go home and eat pizza and ice cream and binge watch The Blacklist and CSI.”

Okay, just stop. (wait a minute. Fill my cup put some liquor in it. *shameless Uptown Funk reference*)

Let’s just take a step back for a minute, shall we? 

We've all been given one life to live.


That’s it. 

One life to use it whatever way we please, for good OR bad. We can tell someone we love them, or we can walk away and never talk again. We can glorify God in everything we say and do, or we can hide our faith, waiting impatiently until we can go home and get out of an awkward situation. The fact of the matter is that we’ve been given this life, this one life, for a reason, quite probably a reason more splendid than we could ever imagine; it’s incredible to think about.

So, slow down and enjoy everything about your life. When your little sister asks you to braid her hair, or when your mom takes you out for coffee.

These moments are precious, so don’t wish them away.

Every day you have 24 hours.

1,440 minutes.

86,400 seconds.

How will you spend them? 


  1. That was so touching. A beautiful reminder.

  2. I so understand. This summer (perhaps a little sooner) I'll be getting my license, my first job, (hopefully) looking to get my first car, and I really should start making plans for college. Summer has always been so magical to me, and it almost tears my heart out that this one will be so full of... grown-up things. Haha. ;)

    I've learned to take every single moment, close my eyes, breathe it in, and try to lock it in my mind so that I'll never forget it. Each moment with my family and friends is so, so, so precious to me, because I know things could be about to change.

    Lovely post. ♥

    1. I feel ya, Emily. It goes by so fast. I realized today that in like two weeks, I'm going to have to start saying "I'm a senior." WHAT?! SO. WEIRD.