Monday, May 18, 2015

Ten Favorite Screen Characters

First of all, I would like to express tremendous gratitude for all my amazing regular visitors/commentors. Thank you for sharing with me your advice and opinions on my really means so much to me.

Second of all, I was recently tagged by Ashley (thanks girl!) for the Ten Favorite Screen Characters Tag. This was so hard for me. Also, I realized that all my favorite characters are either a) goofy and ridiculous or b) heartbreakingly tragic. Oh well, basically me.



Actually, more than ten because I could not make up my mind. I've narrowed the list down substantially, though, so lucky you.

1. Loki
Tom Hiddleston- Loki< happy loki day
It really bothers me that so many people like him so much. Like he's mine, back off...

2. Eugene Fitzherbert/Flynn Ryder
Look at his face. He is so excited to give her this little gift. He BOUGHT it just for her and you can see that he's almost nervous to give it to her. THIS is why Eugene is my favorite
...but, seriously, I am fine with Eugene too. Except he's married, so that's not exactly about to work out. He's so selfless, I just love how respectfully he comes to treat Rapunzel. Definitely husband goals, how he is willing to lay down his life for her.

3. Frozone
FAVORITE quote of Incredibles.
MAKES. ME. LAUGH. SO HARD. I have probably seen The Incredibles over thirty times (it's a Schlueter family classic) and every single time I AM ON THE FLOOR. Not even exaggerating one bit. Plus, I can basically quote all his lines.

4.Dr. Doofenshmirtz
Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz --
Oh my goodness. Favorite animated villain EVER. Doof is so tragic yet hilarious and I just can't help but want to hug him and be best friends. I feel like he would be an awesome dad.

"... so far away yet I, know her heart belongs to only me ..." One of my favorite Disney couples EVER!
WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DIE RAY WHY?!!? He gets my favorite Disney side-kick award. When we went to see Princess and the Frog (amazing movie), I cried harder than the little girl in front of me when he died.

I am obsessed with Merlin! Call me weird but this show has more plot, character and life lessons than very many things out there. After series 5, I shall cry. Won't doubt if the finale does make me cry...
We watched the BBC Merlin series last summer and I'm still suffering from Post Merlin Depression. I love how real Merlin is, how good he is, yet how he has legitimate struggles.

7. Eponine
affairs are built on a fantasy, lies, and secrets.... They are never yours to lose...
She is so incredibly heartbreakingly selfless.

8. Barney Fife
There you have it Barney Fife (Don Knotts)...The Andy Griffith Show
Andy Griffith Show is a family favorite on my mom's side of the family, and whenever my cousins and I get together, we do AGS marathons. Everything about Barney kills me--the way he walks, talks, his expressions...priceless.

9. Captain America
I'd like to Mrs. America
Again, another totally selfless character. His genuine pursuit of what is right is so inspiring...and attractive.

12. Mr. Thornton
When it said, "But Mother," I was saying it in my head in a girl voice. The rest of the words were his when I was reading it in my head. Lol
THE FEELS ARE REAL. From another BBC favorite, North & South, Thornton is a tragic, heartbreaking character. I love the depth of his character as well as the intense development and nothing-is-as-it seems attitude. Plus, his complete devotion to someone he knows (thinks) will never love him back...

13. Megamind
Megamind from "Megamind" - he's got presentation. :)
is it weird that I was strangely attracted to a blue, animated, big-headed (literally) character? Yep, thought so. Oh well. #noshame

And here are the lovely bloggers I'm tagging (no pressure at all, if you don't do tags):

I went the "teen blogger" route when tagging...there's a lot of great stuff by young writers out there. Pop by their blogs and say hello. They're fabulous and I'm sure would appreciate the support!


  1. Pshh, you can have Loki as long as we both agree that Captain America's all mine. ;D Definitely my favorite 1) Marvel superhero (probably superhero in general), 2) Marvel movie, and 3) face to look at. But seriously. Cap's amazing. And I haven't even seen Age of Ultron yet.

    Anyway, all fangirling aside, Flynn Rider and Doofenshmirtz are the bomb!! I love Tangled and Phineas and Ferb so much. :D

    1. Haha same, I can't wait to see it though! And yes, could go on for days about those two.

  2. Mr. Thornton!! I am so in love with him.

  3. Fun list, Annie. :) Flynn Ryder is definitely the best-developed Disney hero ever, and his character's growth is so well crafted. Sorry, can't stop thinking like a writer! But on a totally emotional level, Mark and I took Lucy and Baby Zoe to see Tangled and ended up sniffling/sobbing in each other's arms by the end while Lucy stared at us like we were crazy people. Which, um, wasn't too far off. :)
    Okay, someday you need to write a post about Loki, because while I admit I haven't thoroughly watched the movies (we rented them, but I was first trimester pregnant and super sleepy), I found his character interesting, but I've never been able to fully understand the huge fandom built up around him. But I want to understand! :)

    1. Same, can't stop won't stop! Oh boy...I cried so hard. And that is actually a really good idea, I'll get on that...prepare yourself for a 50,000 word post! ;)

  4. I like your blog design!

    Flynn! He is so awesome. :) He's hilarious. He tries to act like he's unattached and doesn't care about things, but yeah, that doesn't work out so well. He does really care. And he's definitely respectful.

    I've never seen the Merlin series, but I kind of want to. Maybe I can find it on DVD. My dad would probably like watching it with me.

    Barney Fife! Yes!

    Yay! More people like Megamind. . . See, I thought I was just kind of weird. But now I don't feel so alone. :)

    1. Thanks, girl! And dude, Merlin is SO good. I just got Anna (tagged above) hooked on it and now all our conversations are basically fangirling. Which they already were, but still. And Megamind is BAE.

  5. You might have to fight off my 15-year-old daughter for Loki! She loves him! LOL

    I have never seen BBC's "North and South" but it is in my Netflix list. If I could just quit watching WW2 stuff for awhile...ha!

    I LOVE Barney Fife and the Andy Griffith Show. Hogan's Heroes is another huge favorite of mine, too.

    Great list!!!

    1. Well, I win by default because I'm closer in age! Two years is A LOT. Oh you have to watch N&S, so amazing. And Barney is basically best friend goals.

  6. I have to watch North and South and see what I think of the character with an awesome name, the same as mine!

    I love the Incredibles. The scene where Dash realizes he is running on water always makes me smile; I love Edna, the scene your mentioned! Great. Have you seen The Iron Giant? If not you have to. Written by Brad Bird as well equally well done.

    1. You will LOVE him. I have seen the Iron Giant! That's another great one.

  7. Yes yes yes to everyone. I was watching Les Miz two days ago and EPONINE. <3 I felt so sad because of her lonliness.

    1. Exactly! She really pulls you into her emotions.

  8. "I've got a platypus controlling me and I just can't stop!"

    Great list - Doof is the best! My list would have to include Mal Reynolds from Firefly, and... erm, Castle ;-)

    1. Hahaha YES! "Don't stop!" "I'd stop if I was able!"

      "My teacher is a panda."

  9. Some of your characters I've heard of; others I'm not familiar with. I know, where have I been? Will check them out. They all sound like interesting characters.

    1. They sure are! Thanks for commenting, Beverly!

  10. Megamind is cool! I know some of these from when my stepdaughter was at "animated movie" age. She's 15 now, so it's now reality TV and chick flicks for her!

    1. Haha...I'm 17 and it's all animated kids movies for me!

  11. When I saw Loki as #1, I nodded with approval. I would also pick Hermione Granger (Emma Watson) and...gosh, this is harder than I thought. I'd have to think about that.

  12. FROZONE IS THE BEST! I can't wait until the sequel comes out...I don't think they have a date yet. And I've always wanted to watch North and South--what's Mr. Thornton like?

  13. those are awesome characters! Loki and Megamind are tops for me too! what a fun tag! and thanks for stopping by my a to z so much last month! can't believe it's already almost june!

  14. Hi! Stopping by from the Muse Party Blogfest. :-)

    You picked some of my fave characters too. From the list, Eponine is my favorite.