Wednesday, August 26, 2015

2 Special Things: 100th post and 1st poem!

I utterly cannot believe this is my 100th post. In some ways, it seems like I've written 1,000 and in others, like I've written 5. Oh, well.  But yes, indeed, this is my 100th post!! Totally cray-cray.

Also, today I'm posting my response to the prompt on the incredible Ashley's blog: "Not all haunted places are houses." She's been posting these prompts all summer, but this the last one of the season. Head on over to her blog and leave some comment love and a follow!! She's seriously awesome and hilarious.

I was inspired to write a poem. Which is kind of scary for me, because I've never published any poetry of mine on my blog. I've been writing poetry since seventh grade (that's about five years), and I've written hundreds of poems...probably only about 8% could even be called decent. But, I digress! Here is what I came up with: 

(ALSO: warning, I don't really use punctuation in my poetry. If that bothers you, no worries, just thought I'd warn you before my grammar nazis have heart attacks.)

Butterflies by Anne Marie J. Schlueter

I watched as they spun around

The sparks that issued from their touch

burnt my skin

But she did not see

all she could feel were the butterflies

he poured into her veins

Spinning, spinning, spinning

dizzifying magic that scared me

retreated to a corner

alone, cold, scared

But he did not see

all he could feel were the butterflies

lifting them up

and carrying them away

I looked above the whole time

as they spun between the clouds

with a gust of wind, winter came

driving them apart

falling to the ground

I stood below, trying to catch

But she did not see

all she could feel were the butterflies

shattering into a thousand pieces

the impact exploding in his heart

Breaking, breaking, breaking

disgust that I was right all along

tried to fix, desperate, scared

But he did not see

all she could feel were the butterflies

now ghosts haunting their hearts

I watched as their hearts turned into haunted houses

filled with regret, filled with hurt

Not all haunted places are houses--

hearts will serve just fine

Butterflies tickled their insides

sending sparks of pain through their bodies

Making them blinder than before

all they can feel are the butterflies

ghosts of what they once knew


  1. Congrats! on your hundredth post. That is quite an accomplishment.
    Your poetry is gorgeous by the way you should not hide it, I would love to read more I got chills.
    Stunning, love how you used the prompt, I related a little to much to this poem, I have watched people fall apart like that, and it's heartbreaking.

    1. Thank you so much, Sky, you are too sweet! When I read the prompt, all I could think about how haunted our hearts become after past this is kind of a combination of two unhealthy relationships I've witnessed fall apart. Again, thank you for your kind words!

  2. Congratulations on your 100th post, Annie! It's a great achievement, and I hope you keep it going! Also, your poetry is beautiful. I don't know much about poetry, but I felt your piece was exceptionally pretty -- and heartbreaking. I near about cried! (Which is a good thing, I swear.)

  3. 100th post! WOOT WOOT! And your poem is beautiful. I love how you were able to use the prompt and come up with something so original. Absolutely loved it!

  4. Beautiful, insightful, and meaningful poem, Annie. Well done you. :)

  5. Wow, my fav line is the 'Not all haunted places are houses- hearts will serve just fine'. Super powerful! Congrats on 100! Now I'm off to count my posts, b/c I've never even paid attention to how many I've done... =)

  6. Congrats to your 100th post, Anne! Don't say that you're poetry is rubbish; your poetry is wonderful. ^.^ It's much better than what I can do with poetry.

    xoxo Morning

    1. Thank you! And Morning, that's so nice of you to say!

  7. Congrats on your 100th post WOOOOOT! THAT IS AMAZING AND WELL DONE. :D I loved your poem too, although I have like zero knowledge about poetry, but I still liked reading yours, so yaaay! And well done for ALL the things!
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. THANK YOU! So kind of you to stop by and comment, Cait!

  8. Congrats on your 100th post! Poetry is art, painted with words, and it sounds awfully difficult to write. I love those words, "Not all haunted places are houses"

    The Life of Little Me

  9. SO.
    I thought I had been following your blog but apparently not. So that has changed. :p
    And... I LOVE the font you use on your sidebar! Seriously so gorgeous and I'm a tad jealous. ;)

  10. Ha! Follower #75! Loving the roundness of that number.

    Aaaanyway. CONGRATS on your 100th post! I'll be there soon myself, now that I think about it! Woah. But I'm not here to talk about me. Your poem was awesome! So creative; both the poem itself, and the idea to use one for the prompt. I really love the last verse (is that the right word to use?) especially. Very beautiful and thought-provoking.

    Thanks for stopping by Secret Scribblings! :D

    1. I love Secret Scribblings!! Thank you so much, Rachel, you're awesome.