Sunday, August 23, 2015

Interview: The AMAZING Abigail Post

So this chica I had the privilege of interviewing months ago is absolutely incredible. Abigail Post is an incredible writer and I'm blessed to call her my friend. She is seriously one of the sweetest, realest people I have had the pleasure of interacting with who has provided me with so much support.

I hope you enjoy reading her brilliance as much as I did! Then leave some comment love and head on over to her blog =)

Q: Describe your writing process. You have an idea...then what?

A: If all goes well, and I’m not distracted like I usually am, the idea goes on paper. It’s usually just one line, such as “A man and woman fall in love during the End Times”. Then, depending on how many projects I’ve got going, over the next few weeks I start brainstorming until I’ve got ideas for a protagonist, an antagonist, and if I’m lucky, a few supporting characters.

Most of the time, the story ends up completely different than I first imagined it, which is the case with my recent WIP. It’s an interesting occurrence, and one day, I might discuss it. At any rate, after that, I come up with character goals and motives, a few plot points, and workout the story structure. Then, I “flesh out” the characters, and start writing.

Then, it’s all editing. Ya’ll know how that goes.

Very interesting! For me, the process depends on the project. And hope to see a blog post about that particular interesting occurrence sometime in the near future! =)

Q: Favorite food?
A: Just one? Okay, um, probably Pad Thai. The waiters at my local Thai restaurant know me by name.

You know, I have never, ever had Thai. I'm not even sure I know what it is.

Q: Where do you look for/find inspiration?
A: Ooh, good question. I think it depends. Sometimes, my mind will wander into the deep recesses of the “What If?” universe, and a nugget of gold will pop up. Other times, I’ll read through Pinterest, or StumbleUpon, and stumble upon an article that piques my interest.

Ahhh only you, dear Abigail, could make an interview answer so poetic! I used to use StumbleUpon a lot about two years ago...I should get back into that. Amen to Pinterest! Pinterest's tagline should be "A Writer's Best Friend".

Q: Who is your "fictional boyfriend"?
A: Currently? Well, if I had to choose one…

Chris Redston from K.M Weiland’s Dreamlander. Sadly, though, he is interested in another woman. 

Oh, woe is me, to resign to being a forgotten love!

Ahem, what’s the next question?

*SIGH* Why is that so often the case?! Moving on...

Q: What part of the day are you typically the most productive writing-wise?
A: Definitely the early morning, or what I’ve loving dubbed, Coffee Time. *insert Cheshire Cat like grin here*

Oooh! I've been getting more into writing early in the morning rather than late at night. 

Q: Glitter or matte?
A: Matte, for its clean look.

I think each has its place, but I have to say, I have an incurable obsession with glitter. It's terrible, really.

Q: What is the best piece of writing advice you have ever heard?
A: Oh, gosh, that’s a tough one. I could go for a quote from one of my many Writer Crushes, but, I shall break my own conventions. I had a conversation with one of my favorite people the other day, and he uttered this interesting tidbit of wisdom:

“When analyzing successful fiction, one finds a definite pattern. The story either follows an accepted structure that’s proved successful, such as the Three-Act Structure, or is so vehemently flawed that the masses can’t help but marvel at its ridiculousness. I’m looking at you, Stephanie.”

Best defense of story structure, ever. Do you want to be another Stephanie?

That’s what I thought.

HA. DEAD. Oooooh, Stephanie...(not you, Mom, I do really want to be you!)

Q: How do you use Pinterest with your writing?
A: I just surf around the home page, looking for pictures of fountain pens. Or, you know, search for cute puppy pictures. But you mean in a non-procrastinating sense, don’t you? Yeah, I figured as much.

Pinterest is a great story-boarding, and inspiration tool. Seriously, if you’re on Pinterest, and you’re a writer, there is no reason for you not to begin utilizing this program as a writing tool. I’m going to make everyone promise that after they read this post, they will begin to use their Pinterest account for story-boarding purposes. Now, hold up your right hands, and repeat after me “I will not let Pinterest go to waste, and in conjunction with my boards about cute puppies, I will design specific boards for my work-in-progress.”

There. Now, I shall divulge.

In Pinterest, I have a general story-board for my work-in-progress. It contains basic information about the story world, quotes that relate to the story’s plot, pictures of the settings I could use, and tidbits of knowledge that might be useful. Also, I have boards that represent the major characters in the novel. There, I’ve pinned quotes that sound like them, and pictures that resemble them.
Of course, I also save interesting writing articles to Pinterest, in order to keep them safe for later reading.

AGAIN. DEAD. You're killing me...that is all so true! And girl, repeating after you, loud and proud. Pinterest is awesome for a writing break as well as writing encouragement. Also, it can be a great tool for connecting writers. I owe the discovery of my most recent CP to Pinterest, actually.

Q: Do people know that you're a writer? Or is it something that only a couple people know?
A: Let’s just say I wish more people weren’t aware of this pursuit of mine.

While this debilitating secret is kept safe from strangers and most of those I come into contact with on a daily basis, enough people know. Believe me. All in all, I’d estimate over twenty people know. Not including nosy aunts known to interrogate unsuspecting nieces during Thanksgiving gatherings.

Verrrrry interesting! Those nosy aunts...I have a few myself, though I'd have to say, the uncles of yours truly definitely are quite nosier.

Q: Current favorite song? (Or one of them.)
A: You think you’re clever, don’t you? First, you make me answer with only one of my favorite foods, and now this. All right, I’ll be your huckleberry.

Donde Lieta sung by Sierra Boggess.

Oh, Abigail darling, it's because I am clever. Just ask my brothers. (Wait, actually, don't. Never heard of it! Looking up now.

Q: Who is "author goals" for you? (Which author would you most like to be like?)
A: It’s a tie between K.M Weiland and Bryan Davis. I admire the two authors for their literary achievements, especially Mr. Davis for his prolific writing. Also, I admire them for their interactions with their readers. They both have wonderful blogs, chat with their readers (either virtually or in person). Those are the traits I admire in writers: the willingness to talk with readers, talent, hard work, and ingenuity.

More authors I've never heard of! I shall check them out. ( the library...)

Q: Is there any person or situation that has influenced your writing? Either as a whole, or just a story or something?
A: Great question. Or, in other words, I’m about to tell a story.

All writers are influenced, in some way, by some thing. I think my writing’s influence comes from working with children. Most of them loved hearing stories about bravery, courage, and the like. Maybe it was because I enjoyed telling those stories, but, I digress. I’m a huge believer in getting children to read as early as possible. Heck, I’ve been known to read to wee, little holding babies.

So, the little ones influence my writing. I write for them.

End of story.

*Claps* Beautiful. *wipes tear* I love how you can get little ones to believe anything...that's what fuels my writing magic too, somewhat.

Q: What color is your bedroom?
A: Manila Tan, apparently. Imagine those little manila cookie things, and there you have it.

Ahhh. Sounds lovely!

Q: What made you start to take writing seriously?

A: I think seriousness entered my writing when I realized the impact of stories. As cliche as it sounds, have you ever really thought about it? I mean, “stayed up late at night biting your nails” thought about it? Stories have the power to make you laugh, cry, or question the sanity of human kind. So, I wanted my voice to join the literary chorus. Everyone has a story to tell, why not let mine be one of them?

AMEN to that! That is so brilliantly well put that it belongs on my Quotes Pinterest board. You go, girl.

So there y'all have it! Head on over to Abby's blog and check out more of her awesomeness!!


  1. Nice to "meet" you, Abby. Great interview.

    I know a lot of writer's who use Pinterest, but I just can't do it. Too many pretty things and I get easily distracted!

    1. Nice to "meet" you too, Jay!

      Yes! The struggle is REAL. I promise you are not alone. "Pinterest" should be changed to "Black Hole". For once you go in, you will never get out. Ever.

  2. Ahhh, 'tis a constant struggle.

  3. I've only recently given in to the lure of Pinterest, and I'm happy to say I have two "secret" boards on there, for my two works-in-progress. Pictures of what I think the characters look like, the setting, and quotes. Just like Abby said. It's a great writing tool. Then I reward myself after writing with a few minutes of looking at soothing beach pictures or gorgeous travel sites.

    1. Exactly, here here! Well said.

    2. Wow, Joanne, you've got Pinterest down pat. You've implemented a great, effective system. Keep it going!

  4. Abigail's answer to the fictional boyfriend question! *dies laughing* That was too perfect. Seriously, that's like me. "He is interested in another woman." Strangely, though I usually ship "him" with the other woman, so it seems I'm a very forgiving victim of unrequited love. :P

    That bit about story structure. I never even think about structure. I mean it didn't even enter my head until reading this post. Do I have a structure? What exactly is this story structure you all speak of? *shrugs* I'll probably end up in the same category as Abigail.

    I have never heard of this StumbleUpon. I must introduce myself. (Although Pinterest is admittedly the best.)

    Lovely interview!

    1. Hahaha, Ashley, you're hilarious! Yes, look into StumbleUpon, it's amazing.

  5. I love your questions, Anne! There's enough to get to know the author and enough that are wacky and random. A nice blend.

    I haven't read anything by K.M Weiland and Bryan Davis.

    I know a lot of authors who use Pinterest to create story boards or boards for their characters, but I think I'd get to caught up in it. I'll stick with what I'm doing for now.

    Nice to "meet" you Abigail! Hi, Anne! :)

  6. Nice, Abby! Pinterest is a great resource. And ugh, I can sympathize with having people who personally know you poke their noses into your writing DX

    xoxo Morning

    1. I feel like Friends and Families of Writers need a manual of everything NOT to say...

  7. What a lovely interview, really insightful indeed. Greetings!