Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Pure Insanity: An Autobiography

Well, it could be an autobiography...it would be a seriously accurate name for mine.

It's probably a little too late to inform y'all that the A-Z Challenge was a huge bust for me this year, seeing as it's been days since I've posted.

I didn't really think things through well when I signed up...this month has been predictably crazy, between finishing school (papers and quizzes and more papers and more quizzes!), preparing for this summer, figuring out next year, and turning eighteen...I'm going insane.

God has been moving in my life in mighty ways, friends. I cannot wait to share with you.

But for now...know that I will continue this theme, though at a much slower pace. These topics of high school lessons are a really big deal for me, and I want to take adequate time to think and pray, not to mention write, them. So, please, stick around.

Know of my unending prayers for you, brothers and sisters. The fact that people read these words...it's insane.

I'll be posting soon about what exactly it is that I will be doing this summer as well as where I am headed off to next year.

Much love!


  1. I've been stalking...er, binge-reading your blog, Anne Marie, and I've been really blessed by it. I'm not Catholic (I'm an evangelical-protestant Christian), but I love what you're doing here.
    I especially love what you wrote in Kick Butt & Learning to be Tender. You write so beautifully! :D

    The A-Z challenge really is a challenge! Good for you for taking it on, and don't feel bad for falling behind. It's totally understandable!
    Sounds like you're doing some fun planning. :)

    Thanks for stopping by @ Scattered Journal Pages!

    1. Stalk away, girlfriend. Thank you for reading, and for your kind and encouraging words!! I absolutely love your blog. United in Him!

  2. Hey, at least you did what you could. Trying is better than not doing it at all!

  3. So you've finished school? Congratulations!! And happy birthday for whenever your birthday was too! Sounds like there's been lots of exciting things going on in your life. :)

    I'm looking forward to hearing more about how God's been orchestrating things for you, and to reading more of the high school lessons posts! :)

    Blessings, and praying for you too!

    1. Aaaaalmost done with school ;) So close! Thanks girl, you are the sweetest.

  4. Don't worry about it! You've posted some really great things so you should be proud of that. This is your blog, after all :) <3