Thursday, February 5, 2015

Complete and Utter Nonsense

That title should be the name of this blog. Sheesh.

So I finished AWAKEN last month. As in, the draft. Finally. Nearly two years after the idea was born and seven versions later, I finally have a working draft. But there is still so much to do. (One of the excuses of not blogging so much this past semester-- my MS is so time-demanding and consuming and my characters get so jealous whenever I work on anything else. I can practically feel their glares now. Settle down, Cassandra. I'll be back.)

Since finishing in the beginning of January, I have literally experienced the biggest case of writer's block I have ever had the misfortune to have. I cannot get myself to work on anything. The only writing I have done in the past month is journaling, basically. (Oh! I got the cutest journal as my YAY I FINISHED A BOOK present to myself!)

I've started multiple blog posts and deemed them all "trash", but a couple of very supportive (probably too much so) friends keep bugging me to write a post (because that's what writer's do, right, they write). So if the following post is complete and utter nonsense, blame them.

Random things happening!

I'm hosting a St. Valentine's Pathetic-Not-Pathetic Single Girls Pride and Prejudice and Food party! Because single girls are not pathetic, but every girl turns pretty pathetic as soon as Colin Firth makes an appearance on-screen. And food makes us pretty pathetic too.

I finally got around to reading Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs. It's one of the books that was on my shelf labeled Everybody Keeps Telling Me To Read This And I'm Seeing It Everywhere But It's Not Time To Read It Yet. It was extremely good-- definitely held up to the hype. PLUS I found out that Ransom is married to Tahereh Mafi, author of the Shatter Me books. That kinda made my day. #RelationshipGoals

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My sister Catie and yours truly
We went to the March for Life last month! As always, it was absolutely inspiring and totally moving. Life is so beautiful, pass it on! We went to the Life Is Very Good Rally, which featured Matt Maher and Rend Collective as well as speaker Chris Stefanick. Perhaps just as incredible as the March itself was visiting the St. John Paul II Shrine. It was so amazing, I think I'm going to have to write a whole slew of blog posts about it. That should help break my writer's block. But seriously, the whole experience in DC, especially the shrine, moved me to tears.

I was sick this past week and my best friend brought me Klondike bars because she's just amazing.

My deep avarice toward math has not changed, but only increased. It's at an all time high right now. I am finding it hard to see the reason why Algebra II matters when I want to work in the journalism field. The only letters I want to work with are the ones I can use to actually write something, thank you very much.

And speaking of journalism, I had been planning forever (as in, since freshman year--seems like forever ago) on majoring in Theology. Well, plans change! I think I'm being called to Liberal Arts. There is such a need for good, strong journalists dedicated to the truth. My top college pick right now is the University of Mary in North Dakota, but who knows, that could change too.

I started this blog the summer before my freshman year. I was on the brink of a roller-coaster, so much was about to happen (another slew of blog posts right there). Being in the second part of my junior year, high school is almost over. Funny, it seemed so infinite when it started. Now, I'm being thrown into the realm of college applications and student loans.

Sometimes, it seems kind of scary. Okay, lie, it is a lot scary. Going away from home? Being all by myself? Sure, I could stay closer, but I feel like this is something I really need to do. Fear that I won't be able to pay for college, that I will fail in some way (or a lot of ways) sometimes nearly paralyzes me.

But I believe that what God calls me to, He provides for. That if He wants me to go somewhere, He will carry me. And that truth dispels every single worry that I have about the future. I know that I am safe in His arms. He's kept me afloat this long. I believe that He will never fail me.

Thanks for putting up with my random, sporadic posts, guys. I really, really appreciate y'all. And look, my writer's block has dissipated! You guys are the best.


  1. Aw, sorry about the writers' block. It's got me, too, these past few months. My best advice is to force yourself to sit down and write for ten minutes, even if you only get a sentence out, and even if you have to throw it out later. From personal experience, it's a million times harder to sit down to write when you haven't done anything in a month...
    I can't believe you're going to college so soon--and at the same time, I can't believe you're not all grown up and graduated already, because you are so very wise and mature (in the best of ways--which means you're not afraid to do fun kids stuff, too :). Student loans are the worst, but don't really compare with going where you feel God has called you to. I'm still paying mine and likely will be for a few years (unless I sell a book soon!) but I'm still very grateful for the experience I had. My majoring advice is this: study what you know you'll benefit most from in a college setting. (I decided to study Spanish instead of writing, because I knew I would never stop learning about books and writing. But I couldn't have learned Spanish on my own.) More importantly, only study what you love and are passionate about!

  2. Thank you so much, Faith! You are so sweet and I totally appreciate the advice, that is really helpful (both pertaining to writing and school). Following God's will has benefits that far outreach those of not having student loans ;) You are seriously the best! Thanks again <3

  3. Well you've certainly been up to some cool stuff! Best of luck with your college search. I'm in my final days as a high school senior, so I've been accepted by the colleges I applied to and just have to wait for the final financial need tallies before I decide where I'm going to go. You may not want to sit firm with anything just yet. The Lord's call can shift and be reinterpreted at any time. For me it hasn't been a change in major (still creative writing), but I'm now seriously considering going for licensed ministry outside of college (I'm Protestant).

    1. Best of luck to you, Patrick, in whatever you decide to do!

  4. Blogging can certainly take a lot of effort and be a time suck. I super enjoy it, but sometimes I do regret the writing time it takes away. Best wishes in all your endeavors!

  5. Huge congrats on finishing a working draft of your novel. I wish I'd written a novel when I was in high school. And best of luck with those college applications.

  6. ANNIE. I'd almost forgotten how much I love reading your blog posts. There's something about them that's so inspiring and makes me want to write my heart out. So you better keep blogging. Like, a lot.

    1. What would I be without you, Anna?! Thank you so much <3